Tomorrow's intelligence systems

ONERA's Sysiphe project met its goal of developing a very­high spatial and spectral resolution hyperspectral imaging system. On request from French defense procurement agency DGA, this baseline system was developed to help design tomorrow's operational defense systems.

ONERA leveraged its expertise in airborne remote sensing to develop and operate an exceptional data gathering system, which delivers airborne hyperspectral images, in wavelengths from visible to infrared:Sysiphe (Système Spectro­Imageur de mesure des Propriétés Hyperspectrales Embarqué), the onboard hyperspectral property measure­ment imaging system.

Sysiphe carries two instruments: Odin, for the visible and near-infrared bands, devel­oped by Norway, and Sieleters, for the infrared II (MWIR) and III (LWIR) bands, designed and built by ONERA with help from a number of small businesses. This is the most powerful system of its type in Europe, covering a swath 500 meters wide, with spa­tial resolution of 50 cm, in more than 500 bandwidths. ONERA also developed the ground processing station and data archiv­ing system.

In operation since September 2013, Sysiphe will help evaluate the contributions of hyper spectral imaging in relation to conventional systems.

ONERA will make Sysiphe available to all players in its sector, who can capitalize on the system's advantages for a number of dif­ferent applications.