What is MORE?

The MORE toolbox stands for MOdel REduction toolbox. It is a Matlab-based (version 2010b and higher) toolbox which aims at approximating medium and large-scale LTI (ODE and DAE) dynamical systems. The toolbox implements many iterative-like and descent methods, known to be much faster and potentially more accurate than standard approaches.

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Last released - 24th September 2014

The MORE team is open to industrial and academical collaborations! If you are interested in collaborating, and if you need more functionalities for your application, contact C. Poussot-Vassal (Onera can provide a specific code, expertise and support to many large-scale problems).

Main reference

MOREApproximation diagram
Synopsis of the dynamical model reduction / approximation and its interest for control and numerical engineering.

Onera - The French Aerospace Lab

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