The ESWIRP ETW TNA test results

European Strategic Wind Tunnels Improved Research Potential (ESWIRP)

The link below provides wind tunnel data results of the ESWIRP test campaign with the NASA Common Research Model (CRM) in the European Transonic Windtunnel (ETW) during the period 25-28 February 2014.

The main objectives of this test campaign were as follows:

  • Buffet investigations at limits of flight envelope
  • Wall interference investigations
  • Acquisition of data to be compared with the existing CRM wind tunnel data
  • Acquisition of validation data for numerical calculations

Tests were performed at Mach numbers in the range 0.25 to 0.87 and at Reynolds numbers between 2.9 and 30.0 million. The tunnel temperature varied between 300 and 115 K and pressure levels from 111 to 445 kPa were achieved. Two configurations of the NASA CRM full model were tested. Testing of the first configuration at ambient conditions up to a Reynolds number 5.0 million included transition fixing on model nose, wing and HTP surfaces. The second configuration was dedicated to transition free testing at high Reynolds numbers. Overall model forces and moments were measured together with 253 wing pressures. Performance data were acquired using the continuous traverse technique with sufficient repeat polars performed to confirm data quality and repeatability. The SPT model deformation polars were performed in the pitch / pause mode of operation at selected model incidences.


ESWIRP TNA test entry at ETW: NASA Common Research Model during the test at ETW. Photo: © ETW.