Aerial Robotics workshop - 8, December 2015



This scientific workshop on Aerial Robotics, co-organized by ONERA, GDR Robotique and GDR MACS. This workshop is designed to enhance knowledge and understanding on the state of the art in the different research domains involved in aerial robotics and discuss research prospectives. it also give the  opportunity to consider collaborations in between the different research teams and possibly structuring equipments and experimental resources in order to increase the potential of technology transfer and innovation. This is the second edition of this workshop , the first having taken place in 2014 in Toulouse and we hope to permanently install the event for the animation of the research community.




They are called UAV, UAS, RPAS, drones, etc.., and their development and deployment are in the heart of important operational issues. These new modes of air mobility without "pilot on board" make possible to consider missions and uses entirely new. The state of the art in this field is still limited and the development of research based techniques centered on robotics is undoubtedly a need.
We will consider during these days a large number of complementary aspects of general design, operation and use of these unmanned aircrafts (innovative architecture, modeling and control of these systems, guidance and navigation, perception of the environment,  information processing, mission planning, etc.
We will pay particular attention to the coordination of these systems since they operate in fleet.

The workshop will take place at ENSAM-ParisTech located 155 Boulevard de l'Hôpital à Paris 13. It is organized with the help of the PIMM Lab of ENSAM-ParisTech.