Aviation is an essential element of today's global society, bringing people and cultures together (2.2 billion passengers yearly) and creating economic growth (425 billion of world GDP - gross domestic product).

The air transport industry is paying a lot of attention to growing public concern about the environmental issues of air pollution, noise and climate change. Although today air transport only produces 2 % of man-made CO2 emissions, this is expected to increase to 3 % by 2050 with the continuous and steady growth of traffic. 


To adress this great challenge, the European Commission promotes the international cooperation. COBRA is a small  collaborative project based on the cooperation between Europe and Russia and deals with Innovative Counter rOtating fan system for high Bypass Ratio Aircraft engine. This project is a 3.5-year FP7 collaborative research project between Europe and Russia (under grant agreement № 605379), started on 1st October 2013. Coordinated by Onera, it associates 5 European and 4 Russian organizations with an overall budget of 3.5 M€.