The goal of COBRA is to promote an effective cooperation between EU and Russian scientists. The project is structured to benefit from the existing skills of EU and Russia in the design and the multi-disciplinary optimization of the UHBR CRTF architecture to assess at the whole engine level the capabilities of the CRTF UHBR in terms of performance and acoustic level and compare these quantities to the VITAL CRTF results and CROR strategy. These activities will include extensive CFD – CAA and mechanical computations as well as experimental study. At least three designs will be be proposed to the consortium, taking into account the selected specifications and the following accurate objectives:

  • Acoustics: to reduce noise by 9 EPNdB per operation vs. year 2000 in service engine.
  • Aerodynamics: to achieve, for BPR > 15, the same efficiency improvement as the one achieved in VITAL for lower BPR (~2 / 2.5 points) vs. year 2000 single fan state of the art.

Two of these designs will be manufactured by COMOTI and tested by CIAM a C3-A test rig facility.