Technical results

18 Months later ...

The first period of COBRA project was completed. During this period the involved partners was focused on:

- the definition of high & low level of specifications in order to define the airplane mission, the engine performance target and to freeze some overall parameters of the CRTF system. This phase was also dedicated to the creation of the baseline geometry. For more active prospection Russian and European partners make the choice to select two different specifications.

- the design process at rig scale in order to get 2 CRTF variant (1 from Eu partners and 1 from Russian partners). At the end of this period the design process of Russian variant was completed and the design variant of European variant is still under optimization. European partners make the choice to focus more on the optimization process during the manufacturing of Russian variant.

- the assessment of the baseline geometry in order to define the state-of-the-art helping to quantify the benefits of the design/optimization phases.


The project is advancing on schedule and the first experimental results will be available at the end of this year.