Project structure summary

To facilitate the organisation and management, COBRA is structured in 6 workpackages (WPs), which together comprise the project. Each WP has an leader who is responsible for the management and the results of their WP.

WP1- Specification and baseline design delivery [SNECMA]

WP1 will focus on high-level performance specification that will be used during the design and test phases. Specific geometric guidelines and preliminary fan blades geometries to be used during CRTF module design phase will be released in this work package.


WP2- Conception and design/ optimization [DLR]

The present work package will deliver a design concept of the fan module to be implemented and tested in the CIAM test facility. This design phase will be made under multidisciplinary approach, aerodynamic, acoustic and mechanical validation. Two designs will be selected (one set of fans from Russia and one from EU) at the end of this work package.


WP3- Manufacturing and Tests [CIAM]

This work package will focus on the manufacture of the two set of fan module, the preparation/realisation of the test campaign and experimental results delivery.


WP4- Assessment [ONERA]

The present work package will provide a multidisciplinary assessment of the selected configurations during each phase of the conception and after the test campaign. This assessment will be made by the concerned partners with exchanging results to initiate a code to code comparison and validation of the numerical tools regarding the experimental results. This work package will also be the opportunity to provide an integration study of the engine on the airframe.


WP5- Dissemination and exploitation [ONERA]

WP5 will prepare the exploitation of the project especially on further collaborations in the design of the UHBR CRTF configuration, will actively support the dissemination of the obtained results and highlight the EU-Russia exchanges.

The dissemination will also take advantage of a final public workshop common to all the EU-Russia projects. This event is expected to enhance synergies within aeronautic communities.


WP6- Management [ONERA]

WP6 will provide the management of the COBRA project, taking care especially of the specificities of this EU-Russia collaboration on both contractual and collaboration aspects. ERDYN CONSULTANTS supports ONERA and the consortium in the management of the project.