CompTest is a series of conferences which brings together academics and industrial communities working on modelling and characterization of composite materials and structures. The main topics of CompTest within testing and model identification for structural fibre-reinforced composites are:

  • Model development and validation
  • Advanced experimental techniques
  • Simulation of structural composites

Keynote Speakers

Joël CugnoniJoël Cugnoni "Thin-ply composites : pushing the boundaries of design and performance of aerospace composite structures"

Pere MiamiPere Miami "Characterization of the translaminar fracture of composite laminates and its role on structural strength"

Julien SchneiderJulien Schneider "Validation of simulations on complex composite materials through the use of advanced experimental methodologies"

Know more about the Keynote Speakers

This series of conferences has been inspired by European Conferences on Composite Testing and Standardization (CTS). After the CTS series, a conference with a similar emphasis on composites testing (CompTest) was organized in Châlons-en-Champagne, France in January 2003. The scope of the conference was further expanded to model identification. The last four CompTest conferences have been held in Aalborg (Denmark, 2013), Madrid (Spain, 2015), Leuven (Belgium, 2017) and Luleå (Sweden, 2019).

The 10th international Conference on Composite Testing and Model Identification, CompTest – 2021, should be initially hosted by Onera, the French Aerospace lab, on 18-20th May 2021 at Palais de la Bourse in Centre of Lille, France. Considering the situation of the pandemic in the world and in France, it seems not reasonable to maintain Comptest 2021 as a face-to-face meeting in Lille-France the 18-20 May 2021. Therefore, the 10th International Conference on Composite Testing and Model Identification will be a full-online conference.


A Virtual conference with many interactions:

A new website is currently under construction and will be available soon. It offers several possibilities of interactions to promote scientific exchanges which are a part of the DNA of such an international conference. The different points planned in this conference are:

  • 3 live sessions for the keynotes (40 min) with a chat moderated by the chairman, which selects the questions to ask to the speaker (5 min).
  • Live sessions for oral presentations (15 min) with a chat moderated by the chairman, which selects the questions to ask to the speaker (5 min).  A virtual room will be associated to each session (constituted with 5 presentations) in order discuss about the presentations and go further in details.
  • Virtual coffee breaks with networking tables (max. 8 participants with a turn-over for participants) are planned once per morning and once per afternoon to allow exchanges between presentations as we did in face-to-face meetings.
  • A pre-recorded poster session (5 minutes per presentation) and a virtual room for each poster (max. 8 participants with a turn-over for participants) is planned.
  • Virtual rooms to discuss about any subject and to encourage exchanges in parallel to the conference will be also available
  • Virtual rooms for each sponsor to meet people is also planned to promote commercial experimental devices and softwares to research labs.
  • A prize for the best poster is planned and will be awarded at the end of the conference
  • An award for the best Phd-student presentation is planned and will be given at the end of the conference

The website, associated to a full on-line conference, will be available soon.