Information for presenters


Virtual conference

As explained in the previous section, due to the sanitary situation, the Comptest-2021 conference is now an on-line conference. New recommendations for oral presentations and poster sessions are provided in this page.


Oral presentations

Each speaker will be contacted by the organizers for a training session prior the conference in order to avoid any technical problem during the live session. The live session will be performed using Zoom software.

  • Every speaker has 15 minutes to present, followed by 5 minutes for questions.
  • Keynote presenters have 30 minutes to present, followed by 10 minutes for questions.

As in previous CompTest conferences, these slides of the presentations will be available for other participants for viewing before and after conference.

Moreover, the live sessions will be recorded, allowing thus, the attendees to assist again to the live sessions even after the conference during a month.

More details on live sessions can be found in the Help Desk page.


Poster sessions

In a full-online conference, the poster sessions will be very specific and, we hope, should generate many scientific exchanges.

Firtly, the speaker wil prepare a short pre-registered 5 minutes presentation, uploaded on the website 15 days before the beginning of the conference. This pre-recorded video can be seen by all the attendees prior and during the conference. A tutorial video to prepare your short-presentation can be found in the Help Desk page.

Then, during day 2 (19th May), for each poster, a dedicated virtual room will be opened during 20 minutes in order to promote scientific exchanges with other attendees.

More details on poster sessions can be found in the Help Desk page.