A new post-doctoral student in the AEROFLEX project

Monday, 8 January, 2018
Welcome to Nicolo Fabbiane, new post-doctoral student in the erc-AEROFLEX project, who will investigate the interaction of flexible pillars with boundary layer instabilities


Shortly after graduating in Aeronautical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in December 2011, Nicolo started his PhD studies in Stockholm (Sweden) at KTH under the supervision of prof. Dan Henningson and Dr. Shervin Bagheri. He defended his thesis "Transition-Delay in boundary-layer flows via reactive control" in June 2016. After a short prolongation of his work at KTH where he was involved in the kick-off of an international collaboration with ITA (Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil), he was employed at ONERA in January 2017 as a post-doc to study flow-reconstruction techniques via data-assimilation. He will investigate the Interaction of boundary-layer instabilities with flexible pillars.