I am happy to annouce that our collaboration with Monash University is fruitful. The following manuscript has recently been accepted for publication in International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow.
Jean-Lou, Johann and Luis presented their work at the PhD student's days organized by the scientific head of Energetic and Fluid Mechanics.
Jean-Lou Pfister presented his doctoral thesis at the PhD student's days organized by the scientific head of Material and Structures.
Pierre Jolivet visited the AEROFLEX team in ONERA/Meudon, to discuss about new functionalities to add in the interface between the FreeFem++ software and the Petsc/Slepc libraries. These functionalities are required for implementing efficient preconditionners for computing fluid-structure instabilities
Welcome to Nicolo Fabbiane, new post-doctoral student in the erc-AEROFLEX project, who will investigate the interaction of flexible pillars with boundary layer instabilities
He gives a talk on the entitled "Augmented Lagrangian preconditioner for linear stability analysis of incompressible fluid flows".
A post-doctoral position is opened in the AEROFLEX projet, starting from January 2018 for a duration of 12 months, to investigate the interaction of boundary-layer flow instabilities with flexible pillars
Tristan Leclercq, Departement of Mechanics, LadHyx-CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, gives a seminar on "Drag reduction by elastic reconfiguration with dynamics" organized by the Department of Aerodynamics, Aeroelacticity and Acoustics of ONERA in Meudon.