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01/10/2021 D2.5 Report on specifications for experimental (AAWT/UoB) and numerical studies on porous slat noise in WP4 PU
01/10/2021 D2.9 Report on specifications of Business Jet Aircraft Platform and certification assessment in WP5 CO
01/09/2021 D1.4 TRM-PMM 1 Minutes CO
01/09/2021 D2.2 Report on specifications on flow through fairings and surface materials to be characterised in WAABLIEF/VKI, B2A/ONERA and A-Tunnel/TUD for WP3 and WP4 PU
01/08/2021 D2.3 Report on specifications for preliminary experimental (AWT/NLR) and numerical studies on slat track noise in WP4 PU
01/06/2021 D2.1 Report on specifications on acoustic reduction objectives PU
01/03/2021 D1.3 Quality Assurance Plan and Risk Register CO
01/03/2021 D6.2 Project identity materials and communication plan CO
01/03/2021 D6.3 PEDR CO
01/02/2021 D1.8 Protection of personnal data CO
01/02/2021 D7.1 POPD - Requirement No. 1 CO
01/12/2020 D6.1 Basic structure of the project website  PU
01/07/2020 D1.1 Kick-off Meeting Minutes CO
01/07/2020 D1.2 Project management plan CO