Axe Multiéchelles - Publications

High-order Scharfetter-Gummel-based schemes and applications to gas discharge modeling
TD Nguyen, C Besse, F Rogier
Journal of Computational Physics 461, 111196

A cost-effective nonlinear extremum-preserving finite volume scheme for highly anisotropic diffusion on Cartesian grids, with application to radiation belt dynamics
N Dahmen, J Droniou, F Rogier
Journal of Computational Physics 463, 111258

On the modelling of highly anisotropic diffusion for electron radiation belt dynamic codes

N Dahmen, F Rogier, V Maget

Computer Physics Communications 254, 107342

A multiscale approach using patches of finite elements for solving wave propagation problems in microwave discharge plasma

E Arcese, F Rogier, JP Boeuf

Frontiers in Physics 7, 26