Different algorithms are investigated in the project.
The one for which you can get the codes are detailed and available by clicking on the respective links.

Reactiv is intended to display a stack of SAR images with change detection highlighting. It is available in 3 languages : MATLAB, PYTHON and JAVASCRIPT for the Google Earth Engine platform

Please if you use this code in your research projects, please quote the following paper:

Colored visualization of multitemporal data for change detection: issues and methods Elise Colin Koeniguer et al. EUSAR 2018


To benefit from big data in Earth Observation, and to make the fusion of several sensors, a first step involves the common mapping of all the images available on the same site. This is the stage called coregistration. For all our remote sensing images, we want to have a tool able to superimpose the different images of the same site with a tool that is fast enough to handle large temporal stacks or large volumes.
Also, in MEDUSA, we developp GeFolki, an algorithm based on the classical optical flow framework.

GeFolki code is now avalaible for free in matlab and Python

Now that we know that it is possible to get free all Sentinel images from any country in the world, how to easily download them on my PC?
We propose here an implemented Python program that is capable to get automatically all the images acquired by a Sentinel sensor, simply by defining the geographical coordinates of the area of interest.