Price of the Best Paper in CFPT for the REACTIV method
The paper "Visualisation des changements sur séries temporelles radar : méthode REACTIV évaluée à l’échelle mondiale sous Google Earth Engine" obtained the Price of the best paper of the CFPT workshop
REACTIV is on-line
Reactiv is intended to display a stack of SAR images with change detection highlighting. It is available in 3 languages : MATLAB, PYTHON and JAVASCRIPT for the Google Earth Engine platform
Onera is in the Progam Committe of CFPT-RFIAP 2018, Conférence Française de Photogrammétrie et de Télédétection, June 25-28, in Marne la Vallée (France) In particular, we propose one Tutorial on Coregistration using GeFolki, and one workshop "TerraData" with IRISA, with two keynotes about methods in computer vision and machine learning for remote sensing and big data, and a round table.
Participation to EUSAR 2018
Onera participated to EUSAR 2018, the 12th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar in Aachen, June 4-7, in Aachen (Germany)
Onera participated in TEMU 2018 workshop, french workshop about remote sensing for urban areas.
Mapping the maritime traffic in some seconds.
Mapping the martime traffic in some seconds over the entire world is possible, by using Google Earth Engine platform and Sentinel 1 data, and a novative temporal detection algorithm, developed in Onera.
Big Data From Space
Onera took part at the ESA workshop BIDS, Big Data from Space, on 2017 November, the 28th - 30 th
Summer 2017: wildfire on France's Mediterranean coast
This summer, wildfires devoured swaths of forests in South of France, Corsica, Portugal, Italy and Albania. They are clearly visible on Sentinel 1 Images. This coloured composition has been created using the Google Earth Engine Platform.
A new publication online about structure monitoring using TerraSAR-X
Our study about structure deformation has been just published in Remote Sensing:
ART Ile de France : Launch
The launch of the ART "Ile de France" day took place on the June, the 28th at IGN (Saint Mandé). It brought together over 40 people from various institutional, commercial and academic professions. Thanks to all for this participation!