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Main features

The MORE toolbox is provided in p-code and works for Matlab version 2010b and higher.
The features of the MORE toolbox are listed below.

Note that for the limited version, models of dimension up to 50 can be reduced, only. For academical and research purpose, in order to be able benchmark your own approximation methods with respect to the MORE toolbox features, the following higher order models from COMPleib and Oberwolfach library can be loaded too (see "moreLTI" function and list at the end of this page).

Limited version (free) Full version
Maximal original model state order $n$ (input) Limited ($n < 50$) No limitation
COMPleib and Oberwolfach models names (input)
√ (see below)
√ (see below)
LTI algorithm (with realization) ITIA, ISTIA, IETIA, DARPO ITIA, ISTIA, IETIA, DARPO
LTI algorithm (without realization) TF-IRKA
Multi LTI algorithm (with realization) mISTIA, mIETIA, mITIA
Frequency limited approximation
Enhanced frequency-limited $\mathcal{H}_2$ and $\mathcal{H}_{2,\omega}$-norm computations
Enhanced eigenvalues problem computation

List of academical models handled, from COMPLeib

  • 'LAH', SISO, $n=48$
  • 'CDP', MIMO, $n=120$
  • 'CBM', SISO, $n=348$
  • 'TL', MIMO, $n=256$
  • 'ISS1', MIMO, $n=270$
  • 'CM4', SIMO, $n=240$
  • 'CM5', SIMO, $n=480$
  • 'CM6', SIMO, $n=960$
  • 'HF2D4', MIMO, $n=2025$

and, from Oberwolfach (by using the model complete path to the model name)

  • './chip_cooling_model_v0.1',
  • './chip_cooling_model_v0',
  • './flow_meter_model_v0.5',
  • './flow_meter_model_v0',
  • './GasSensor',
  • './T2DAH',
  • './T2DAL',
  • './T3DL',
  • './filter2D',
  • './spiral_inductor_peec',
  • './rail_1357_c60',
  • './rail_5177_c60',
  • './rail_5177_c60',
  • './rail_20209_c60',
  • './rail_79841_c60',
  • './Inlet',
  • './T2DAL_BCI',

List can be extended if your are interested in a specific model, just let us know, by e-mail:
charles [DOT] poussot-vassal [AT] onera [DOT] fr