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ODAS-MOTAR programme

June 14-16 2021, visioconference (Zoom)


Monday June 14

8:50 Connection of the participants

9:10 - Welcome speech

9:30 - Invited introduction lecture: From in-situ to optical remote sensing: Atmospheric science onboard the DLR research aircraft fleet (Andreas Fix, DLR, Institute of Atmospheric Physics)

Measurement techniques for detection and observation - chaired by Andreas Fix (DLR)

10:10 - Remote Raman scattering for detection of explosives (L. Cantu, DLR)

10:35 - Remote Raman Detection of warfare gasses (E. Gallo, DLR)

11:00 Pause

11:20 - Design and pre-tests of a multi-species differential absorption Lidar system for water vapor and HDO isotope, carbon dioxide and methane observation (M. Raybaut, ONERA)

11:45 - Enhancing Aircraft Eco-Efficiency with LIDAR – Reducing Sizing Loads with Feed-Forward Gust Load Alleviation (P. Linsmayer)

12:10 - The new volcanic ash retrieval VACOS using MSG-SEVIRI and artificial neural networks (D. Piontek, DLR)

12:35 Lunch break

Measurements linked to noise - chaired by Laurent Jacquin (ONERA)

14:00 - Development of a surface temperature measurement method for acoustic liners in presence of grazing flow and thermal gradients (V. Lafont, ONERA)

14:25 - Source localization for directional engine tones with SODIX (S. Oertwig, DLR)

14:50 Pause

Practical applications of measurement techniques in complex flows - chaired by Klaus Peter Geigle (DLR)

15:10 - Non-linear one-dimensional combustion response model integration and validation in a CFD software, and simplified rocket motor applications (M. Carricart, ONERA)

15:35 - Large-scale 3D flow investigations around a cyclically breathing thermal manikin in a 12 m³ room using HFSB and STB (D. Schanz, DLR)

16:00 End of day 1


Tuesday June 15 (MOTAR day)

8:30 Connection of the participants

9:00 - Invited lecture: Overview of Innovative Sensing technologies on board Airbus Flightlab: Laminair Flow and Icing phenomena investigation (Thierry Fol, Airbus Flightlab) 

Measurements in turbulent flows - chaired by Thierry Fol (Airbus)

9:40 - Investigation of laminar-turbulent transition on a flat plate at Mach 6 with focused laser differential interferometry (J. Lunte, DLR)

10:05 - A micro thermal anemometer (μTA) for turbulence measurement (B. Baradel, ONERA)

10:30 Pause

10:50 - Measuring the full dissipation rate tensor in homogeneous turbulence (A. Schröder, DLR)

11:15 - Investigation of hypersonic bluff body wake using digital holographic interferometry (F. Nicolas, ONERA)

11:40 - Multi-resolution, time-resolved Particle Image Velocimetry of a turbulent boundary layer approaching separation (C. Willert, DLR)

12:05 Lunch break

LDA and particle tracking techniques - chaired by Andreas Schröder (DLR)

13:45 - Integration of a vector laser Doppler anemometer onto the DLR Falcon 20 for an upcoming optical air data sensor flight test (O. Kliebisch, DLR)

14:10 - 1st challenge on Lagrangian Particle Tracking and Data Assimilation: datasets description and extension towards an online benchmark with automatic evaluation (B. Leclaire, ONERA)

14:35 - Leveraging time resolved Shake-the-Box to analyze and optimize multi-pulse STB experiments (P. Godbersen, DLR)

15:00 Pause

15:20 - Lagrangian Particle Tracking: a link between localization error and fraction of missed particles (P. Cornic, ONERA)

Measurements using coated walls - chaired by Marc Lesturgie (ONERA)

15:45 - Simultaneous PSP and MDM measurements to investigate aeroelastic loads on a wing tested under gust (M.-C. Merienne, ONERA)

16:10 - Fiber coupled and two-dimensional phosphor thermometry for wall temperature measurements in gas turbine combustors (P. Nau, DLR)

16: 45 End of day 2


Wednesday June 16 (MOTAR day)

8:30 Connection of the participants

Measurements in rocket propulsion experiments - chaired by Volker Krajenski (DLR)

9:00 - Flame Anchoring for Shear Coaxial Injectors in a LOX/LNG Rocket Engine Demonstrator (M. Börner, DLR)

9:25 - Experimental investigation of a LOX/CH4 cryogenic flame near the oxygen critical pressure (S. Boulal, ONERA)

9:50 - Velocimetry of a LOX jet in a high-pressure combustion field from high-speed flame images (M. Son, DLR)

10:15 Pause

10:35 - Experimental analysis of aluminum-droplet combustion in solid-propellant flames using high-speed PLIF Al imaging (P.-H. Chevalier, ONERA)

11:00 - Recent application of TDLAS and Dual Frequency Comb absorption spectroscopy at ONERA (G. Vilmart, ONERA)

Measurements in air breathing combustion systems - chaired by Ajmal Mohamed (ONERA)

11:25 - Applications of advanced laser-based optical techniques on semi-technical aero-engine combustors (C. Irimiea, ONERA)

11:50 - 1 kHz CARS thermometry in MICADO test rig (M. Scherman, ONERA)

12:15 Lunch break

13:45 - In-situ particle sizing in pressurized flames by combining time-resolved laser-induced incandescence (TiRe LII) and coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) (KP Geigle, DLR)

14:10 - High bandwidth laser and imaging diagnostics for the study of turbulent flames at elevated pressure conditions (I. Boxx, DLR)

14:35 Pause

15:00 - ODAS award ceremony

15:30 - Remarks of the audience and conclusion speech (ONERA-DLR)

16:00 End of ODAS-MOTAR 2021