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MARC ONERA 2012 - Gallery


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The MARC'ONERA'2012 Group Picture

MARC'ONERA'2012 Group picture 

The best paper awards given by Terry Smith (on the right)  and Michael Riepen (not on the photo) from Intel:

(All photos published with the kind authorization of the people therein)

1st Best Paper

  • Randolf Rotta, Thomas Prescher, Joerg Nolte and Jana Traue: Data Sharing Mechanisms for Parallel Graph Algorithms on the Intel SCC

1st Best Paper (picture)

2nd Best Paper

  • Michael Ziwisky and Dennis Brylow: BareMichael: A Minimalistic Bare-metal Framework for the Intel SCC

2nd Best Paper (picture)

3rd Best Paper

  • Andreas Prell and Thomas Rauber: Go's Concurrency Constructs on the SCC

3rd Best Paper (picture)