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What's SMAC?



SMAC is a research project conducted by the Systems Control and Flight Dynamics Department of ONERA The French Aerospace Lab. Its main objective is to develop a Matlab-Simulink based toolbox for Systems Modeling, Analysis and Control. Bringing together several new or refreshed libraries, the aim of this toolbox is to provide both researchers and control engineers with a complete set of tools to handle parameter-varying dynamical systems with uncertainties and hard nonlinearities such as magnitude and rate saturations. The key element of this toolbox is the Linear Fractional Representation (LFR) for which a new Matlab class GSS (Generalized State-Space) has been designed and integrated. More specifically, the main features of the SMAC toolbox are the following:

  • provide LFT modeling & enhanced polynomial and rational approximations tools (based on the dedicated Matlab class GSS and its Simulink interface),
  • provide LFT-based analysis tools (enhanced $\mu$ and IQC-based techniques),
  • provide LFT-oriented control design routines (generalized dynamic inversion techniques, anti-windup compensation and Youla-parametrization-based convex synthesis).

This collection of tools, extending and unifying previous versions available from Jean-Marc Biannic's homepage, comes with realistic aerospace benchmarks. See also the MORE Toolbox developed at ONERA/DCSD for large-scale model reduction techniques. Before proceeding to LFT modeling it might be useful indeed to perform reduction first. The SMAC project, coordinated by Jean-Marc Biannic, involves many research scientists and PhD students from ONERA/DCSD: