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Aerospace Benchmarks

Two central applications have been considered in the SMAC project in order to evaluate the modeling, design and analysis tools. To enable comparisons with alternative methods and techniques from the literature, these two aerospace applications are available for download without any restriction of use in the research community provided that their origin is always clearly cited.

The proposed benchmarks of the SMAC suite are:

  • A civil transport aircraft benchmark. In this benchmark the landing phase of a civil transport aircraft is considered from the final ILS-based approach to the flare and alignment phases. A realistic nonlinear model of a generic transport aircraft including ground effects is provided in the Simulink format. A documentation describing both the model and the control specifications is also given together with a baseline controller. The LFR modeling and analysis tools of the modeling and analysis libraries of the Toolbox are illustrated on the proposed benchmark.
  • An highly flexible satellite benchmark. This benchmark is representative of challenges raised by the current and future space missions. More and more stringent requirements of pointing accuracy must be achieved despite high flexibility of the satellite structure. Usual synthesis methods of AOCS (Attitude and Orbit Control System) meet limits that can be circumvented by robust control design strategies.