Scientific Advisory Board

AILab's Scientific Advisory Board is made up of leading figures from the academic, institutional and industrial worlds:

  • Guillaume Avrin (DGE) : Nation coordinator for AI
  • Bertrand Braunschweig (IRT System X) : Scientific coordinator of
  • Paola Cinnella (Sorbonne Université) : Expert in AI and Fluid mechanics
  • Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni (LIP6, UMP6) : Executive President of AI Movement 
  • Patrick Gallinari (Sorbonne Université) : expert in AI and dynamic systems 
  • Serge Gratton (Toulouse INP) : Scientific coordinator of ANITI
  • Christophe Guettier (Safran) : Innovation program manager
  • Alexandre Hervieu (DGA) : Expert in AI qualification
  • Frédéric Pascal (Centrale Supelec) : Director of DATA IA institute
  • Catherine Pelachaud (ISIR, CNRS) : Expert in Human-AI interactions
  • Jean Ponce (ENS) : Scientifique director of PRAIRIE institute
  • Guillaume Quin (MBDA) : Head of Vision and Image Processing Service
  • David Sadek (Thales) : VP Research, Technology and Innovation
  • Olivier Simonin (INSA Lyon) : Expert in collective robotics