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List of routines included in the GSS Library

Type 'help gss/rname' if rname is an overloaded routine or 'help rname' otherwise to get detailed information about the routine rname (description, call, input and output arguments, examples).

GSS objects generation

gss Core function for GSS objects generation
sym2gss Create GSS objects from symbolic expressions
data2gss Create GSS objects from tabulated data

Overloaded routines

gss/plus Addition of two GSS objects
gss/minus Subtraction of two GSS objects
gss/uminus Change the sign of a GSS object
gss/mtimes Multiplication of two GSS objects
gss/mrdivide Right division for GSS objects
gss/mldivide Left division for GSS objects
gss/inv Inverse of a GSS object
gss/mpower Repeated product of a GSS object
gss/horzcat Horizontal concatenation of GSS objects
gss/vertcat Vertical concatenation of GSS objects
gss/append Append inputs and outputs of GSS objects
gss/transpose Transpose of a GSS object
gss/ctranspose Conjugate transpose of a GSS object
gss/ss Construct a GSS object from state-space matrices
gss/tf Construct a GSS object from numerator and denominator
gss/feedback Feedback connection of two GSS objects
gss/eq Check if two GSS objects are equal
gss/ne Check if two GSS objects are not equal
gss/isempty Check if a GSS object is empty
gss/eval Evaluate a GSS object
gss/subsref Subscripted reference for GSS objects
gss/end Index of last I/O of a GSS object
gss/length Length of a GSS object
gss/size Size of a GSS object
gss/display Display a GSS object
gss/get Obtain some properties of a GSS object
gss/set Change some properties of a GSS object


gss Convert various objects to GSS objects
gssdata Get matrices and dimensions of a GSS object
abcd2gss From static GSS objects to dynamic GSS objects
lfr2gss Convert LFR objects into GSS objects
gss2lfr Convert GSS objects into LFR objects
uss2gss Convert USS objects into GSS objects
gss2uss Convert GSS objects into USS objects

Manipulation of the $\Delta$ block

dbnorm Normalize a GSS object
dbunorm Unnormalize a GSS object
dborder Reorder the Delta blocks of a GSS object
dbsample Generate random samples from a GSS object

Order reduction

mingss Reduce the order of a GSS object
setnorm Set preference for GSS objects normalization
setred Set preference for GSS objects reduction

Simulink interface

slk2gss From Simulink block diagrams to GSS objects
gsslib Simulink library for GSS objects manipulation


checkgss Check whether a GSS object is consistent
distgss Compute the distance between two GSS objects